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Happy Thanksgiving! :D

Posted by Snaily on Nov 26, 09 1:50 am · History

i saw your phantom of the opera layout and it looked absoulutely stunning!
so i wondered if maybe you could do a 2.0 myspace layout of Kristen Stewart.
See, I am obsessed with the whole Twilight Saga and New Moon and stuff,
so please and thank you for taking your time to read this. (:

Posted by mollymayhem on Aug 11, 09 8:13 pm · History

Katie, how have you been? Are you in New York now?

Posted by tokyo-rose on Jun 23, 09 8:22 pm · History

Hey There, i Noticed Your Phantom Of The Opera Requested Layouts & Thought it Was A Job Well Done & i Was Wandering If Maybe You Could Make Me A Marilyn Manson Div Overlay? & Maybe We Could Join Ideas On It.
Thats If You Want To Do It That Is.

Posted by VilleBamSkateLove on May 22, 09 9:06 am · History

oh never mind. i think i figured which myspace one to request ya. sendin' one out to ya rite now. :)))

Posted by calilani on Mar 25, 09 11:00 am · History

ok that's cool. i see you got 2 myspace accounts? so i'm not sure which one to send the request to. so just request me & i'll aprove it. no probs.

but i haven't updated my myspace lately either. been away on emergency leave for the past 2 months. so jus now tryin' to get my layouts together again.

Posted by calilani on Mar 25, 09 10:41 am · History

yeahhhh we're CB buds!

Posted by calilani on Mar 25, 09 1:27 am · History

I miss your beautiful layouts, dear friend! :)

Posted by thecountrygirl on Mar 24, 09 6:34 pm · History

THANK YOU KATIE!!! XD Yeah! I really want to hear more about your life in NY! Promise to tell me! :D

Posted by stormbringer on Feb 10, 09 7:30 pm · History

Hi Katy! I havn't talked to you for so long! How are you? XD

Posted by stormbringer on Feb 9, 09 3:31 am · History

I just went through all your layouts for the kajillionth time. Me so jealous :[

Posted by Eww on Feb 4, 09 5:22 pm · History

You have very nice layouts, good taste! This layout I like very much and I am using it on my page, but I think Profile 2.0 is more convenient to use. I would convert to it, but I like this layout so much, I can't do it.

So, I just have a small request: is it possible to alter this layout so that it will be usable in Profile 2.0? I would greatly appreciate it!

This is the comment I posted on "seize the Moment" layout, I just do not know if you noticed it.
Thank you!

Posted by pilgrim on Feb 1, 09 10:45 pm · History

hey u in ny yet?

Posted by diputs on Jan 19, 09 4:58 pm · History

I love your profile and song!

Posted by synapse on Jan 4, 09 1:30 pm · History

Happy New Year :D

Posted by fainaru on Jan 2, 09 11:00 pm · History

Happy New Years!!!

Posted by Snaily on Dec 31, 08 6:35 pm · History

hello! i was wondering if you would please do an ancient rome layout I have always been looking like crazy for one but there is none! or about the HBO Show Rome it would be super fine! I know you have the talented mind to do so, thank you!

Posted by JonieGuz on Dec 23, 08 8:27 am · History

hai i was wondering if u could do a layout for me...
if u charge ill pay =]
myspace > myspace.com/mob_gho57

Posted by optick on Dec 18, 08 3:26 pm · History

Hey Katinka! I'm so excited for the holidays, aren't you? :D

Posted by fainaru on Dec 13, 08 9:05 pm · History

do you take div layout request?

Posted by ashleyohmy on Dec 11, 08 7:39 pm · History

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