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THANK YOU KATIE!!! XD Yeah! I really want to hear more about your life in NY! Promise to tell me! :D

Posted by stormbringer on Feb 10, 09 7:30 pm

Dear Sonja,
My dear friend!
Thank you so very much for the kind words. I am fine, getting used to New York. Will tell more soon.

But now the most important

I am wishing you all the very best in yor life!

Lots of Love, Katie

Posted by Katinka on Feb 10, 09 5:13 pm

Hi Katy! I havn't talked to you for so long! How are you? XD

Posted by stormbringer on Feb 9, 09 3:31 am

thank you :D are you in new york yet? I hear the christmas tree in the icescaketing center is very pretty. :]
well... in LA it's getting colder, and guess what? The mornings are actually foggy! kinda..
lol (fails) jkjk

Posted by stormbringer on Dec 3, 08 8:41 pm

Thank you dear!
Hope you are fine. :)

Posted by Katinka on Dec 3, 08 7:00 am

Beautiful Layout!!!

Posted by stormbringer on Nov 29, 08 1:26 am

Not moved to NY yet. Getting my Visa on the 5th of Nov. Hopefully I will be there by Xmas. :)

Posted by Katinka on Oct 26, 08 8:33 am

no problem! So I take it you've moved to new york now?

Posted by stormbringer on Oct 26, 08 1:43 am

Oh my! This layout is sooo cool. Thank you for the comment my dearest Sonja.

Posted by Katinka on Oct 26, 08 12:06 am

sorry for not doing your layout, but I have been sooo busy with school, I have no time to do comissions. Graphics right now are just a way to escape the stress for a while, I am soo sorry. I hope you won't be mad at me, I'll probally get to it around winter break. :( sowee XP

Posted by stormbringer on Oct 15, 08 12:37 am

AAAHHH you actually spelled my name right! :DD WOW. I don't think anybody has ever spelled my name right online, cause I spell it sonya, sonia and sonja. and everybody gets confused. haha ahh, my weekends going allright, some stupidity on my part, but it's all going great. How is your weekend? I'm dreading going back to school..

Posted by stormbringer on Sep 14, 08 2:34 am

Oh, Sonja! The same here! Createblog links don't work at all on Myspace. Your "Mydesigns" section is not working. I thought it was just my clumsiness, not being able to link my CB icon.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Hugs, Katinka

Posted by Katinka on Sep 12, 08 7:03 pm

thanks! I loooooooove your current layout! I'd better go check out my myspace comment box >.< I'm glad your computers better! (you're always sooo nice, I run out of nice things to say back!) :D

Posted by stormbringer on Sep 9, 08 12:29 am

I had problems sending you a comment on Myspace so I do it here.
This is what I wanted to write there :
Comment Here: Thank you so much for accepting my friend request. I love this new layout! So beautiful. Another great work. I adore the music I might use it on my Lam Ching YIng site. Do you know who he was? If you like Chinese vampires too you might like him. ;)
Love, K

Posted by Katinka on Sep 8, 08 8:07 pm

thank you! hope you computer starts being nice soon!

Posted by stormbringer on Sep 5, 08 6:39 pm

Love your new layout dear! Beautiful!

Posted by Katinka on Sep 5, 08 5:19 pm

My dear friend! Thank you for the sweet comment! Wishing you a lovely week. Love, K

Posted by Katinka on Aug 31, 08 11:27 pm

What might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may, in fact, be the first steps of a journey.
Yes! I am having problems with my space. It will be ok very soon I promise and let you know!
Thanks dear!

Posted by Katinka on Aug 20, 08 2:06 pm

hmmm, for some reason or another, i can't seem to comment you in myspace 0_o (that makes me saddd)

Posted by stormbringer on Aug 20, 08 1:55 pm


Posted by stormbringer on Aug 20, 08 10:41 am
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